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09-17-2009, 10:15 PM
Well, since Masa said I could, I decided I would. :evil:

A long while ago.. before I got figures.. I was a Tank guy.. Still am to a large degree.. haven't built a tank in around 13 years though.. So, I thought I'd share what will be a very slow work in progress. Since I'm not going to detract from the work on the figures I'm working on.

Now, this particular Kit.. the M-51 Isherman by Dragon, wasn't a kit years ago.. when I first tried to scratch build a M-51 I was taking two very different kits and putting them together.. I got a reasonable way in.. Have some scars from that project.. but, I discovered figures, so I put it away.. always intending to get back to it some day. Well, during that time.. Dragon made a kit! No more blood pouring from fingers (I hope! :crys:) So, While Masa was doing that wonderful Ma. K kit.. I got the urge to do a tank again.. So I saw that Dragon had made this kit.. I had to have it, this is the one that hasn't gotten away.. but Its been something I've wanted to finish for 13 years.. with no progress cause its in storage (the scratch built one) so.. now without further ado.. The Kit!

The front of the box.. Oooh Tanks :beautiful:

Back of the box!

Side of the box.

Now for the fun stuff!! Lots and lots of sprue!!!
Photo etched parts :inlove:
The heart of a tank.. The Barrel!!
More sprue and parts!

Over all this kit has a ton of parts, should be a very entertaining build up.. Like I said, this will be a slow progress WIP cause lets face it.. We're not a IPMS board, we're a figures board.. so this is just a side project.. Hope you all enjoy it.. as it slowly unfolds.

09-17-2009, 10:27 PM
Have fun with that. I can't wait to see it start to get assembled. ^^

09-18-2009, 02:52 AM
Have lots of fun and remember to keep all the black "in scale" :evillaugh:

09-18-2009, 09:26 AM
Think with this one.. I wil be fairly lucky.. There isn't much black to go around..

09-20-2009, 10:15 PM
Well not much of an update really.. I opened up the instruction sheet, and unwrapped all the sprues.. attempting to figure .. how to build up my subassemblies for proper painting and build up. I hate to say it.. this kit is going to tax me mentally.. When I built tanks more often this wasn't a big deal.. Been working on figures too much.. hard to screw up and arm and leg.. ^^;

10-24-2009, 08:18 PM
alright.. Made my first bit of progress with the Isherman.

Building the road wheels. (Which aren't actually in contact with the road.. They are the wheels that support the vehicle which the track runs on .. But anyways. Like I said before this will be a slow work in progress. This is just a distraction build while figures are doing.. curing of putties etc.. etc.

Now onto the WIP pics.

The Instructions! for the first step:dotdotdot:
The Parts! :dizzy:
Now, I took my whee little nippers and nipped off most of the sprues on the back of each wheel hub.. to ensure that when I got to this step I'd only have to sand off a little stub of Flash.
For the one side.. I mounted the hubs in my hand drill.. and zipped it at the slowest speed, taking a bit of sand paper to knock the last little pump of flash off. For the flat Hubs.. I took a flat peice of thick plastic.. put a chunk o' sandpaper on that and just hand lapped em flat and clean.
And for the final bit of this step.. Take your peices.. and slide them together.. Then with a small brush. Not the one that comes in the glue bottle.. it'll just make a mess of the part your working on.. Apply a small portion of glue to the backsides.. and viola.. Cappiliary action sucks the glue in.. Nice and easy!
Here we have the assembled roadwheels.. Now you may see a bit of a seam line running along all sides of those tires.. If you don't.. take my word they are there. How I'll get rid of those is.. I'll mount the wheel back in my rotary tool.. Turn it on.. and sand away!.. Should only need a light sanding to make it perfect.

Now I haven't done that step yet.. but that is next. After that.. I'll paint all these road wheels since thats how this will have to work!

Till next time!:bye: