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11-07-2010, 01:03 AM
And hello folks!

I am diving headfirst into this hobby after wanting to get started for so long. A friend who's much more artistic and capable than I am introduced me to this board and I've been using it for awhile to scrap together instructions, tutorials, and other general information. It's a great site!

Even though I just got into collecting pre-painted anime figures, I'm starting out with an Armored Core model. Resin casts will be next. :P

I'm also going to track my progress at a blog I just set up (similar to how my friend is doing things), so feel free to check out my massive 1 post blog. http://www.tofunction.com/model/ I hope I'll be able to bounce ideas off people here when the time comes.

Until then, nice to meet you all.

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