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02-20-2011, 12:26 PM

I am new here and wanted to say Hi and just ask a few questions.

Also I hope I used the right icon for 18+ imagery. Not sure if my sig is under that category but just in case. If it is too explicit I'll find something else to use. It is a gaia online mockup of one of my own characters in the buff! :-)

I don't do garage kits. Was never good at assembling models and I don't even know where to get them anymore. I am open to suggestions there.

But I am an artist who draws my own characters. And I have been getting into modifying figures and also want to start sculpting figures out of polymer clay and figure out how to make molds, etc. So I hope I am in the right place.

I am also open to suggestions of other forums to join that deal with my areas of interest.

Thanks. God bless! :-)

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@ devone23 and @ Masa

Thank you kindly! :-)

I hope to learn a lot and I hope I can share some things down the road. I mostly draw but I am getting into sculpting and modifying figures too. Been a collector for many years now I want to learn to sculpt.

Will be happy to share any relevant information I have also. :-)

God bless! :-)