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09-25-2011, 12:02 AM
Oh hi...

well I stumbled upon this forum while running away from the only forum I've known for a few years now... turns out a lot of people in that forum are just so delicate people that I got sick of it...

I'm just trying to find a new home, a place where I can just come in and participate with a more active community for gk building so hopefully I found a new place to crash...

A little about me...

I'm 28 years old, been doing gks for over 5 years now, I love watching old sitcoms, I love to listen to music, mostly just trans or maybe some incubus, sometimes a little Bob Marley, and a bit of everything else.

I was a full time otaku, now just part time, I live down the border at Tijuana, just across the road from San Diego, not much to do here, all the fun is over at our neighbors house lol so any chance I get, I visit San Diego for shopping, fun and food.

and all around just a fun gal.

hope I can meet new acquaintances here :XD:

09-25-2011, 09:17 AM
Welcome to the forum :)

I don't know what you would consider "delicate", but we have a pretty friendly bunch here. Please familiarize yourself with the posting rules listed in the FAQ section up top.


09-25-2011, 12:40 PM
Hi, and welcome to the forum :)!

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09-28-2011, 02:12 AM
Hey Leona

Welcome to the forum... I think you'll like it here

09-30-2011, 12:32 PM
hi hi welcome :3 ^^