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01-23-2007, 09:03 AM
I know many of you own pets and love them even more than your kits :o lol some of you anyway :p .
I thought I would give you all the link to the 2007 approved dog food list: http://www.whole-dog-journal.com/issues/10_2/features/Dog_Food_Review_15897-1.html
I myself don't have any dogs but I do have a cat and while the list is of "dog foods" the companies do make the same products for cats, the stats are just different.
I know there is two groups of pet owners the ones who want the best for their pets and those who believe whatever is cheapest or on sale is good for them. Your choice of view is completely up to you and your free to take care of your pets however you choose but if you are just lacking in information or were mislead by the big companies advertising, then this list will help get you on the right track.
They also have a list of not recomended foods, I will see if I can get my hands on a copy.

It's pretty simple to see that if your food is not on the list then there is a very good reason for it and you should think about switching brands. Grocery stores do not sell any recomended pet foods!! Most of the recomended foods have to be bought from a pet store. Though some pet store chains do carry both good and bad foods.

The publication is called The Whole Dog Journal and is dedicated to giving the facts and information about everything thats best for your dogs. They don't accept money from or sell ad space to any of the pet companies! So their pretty much like Consumer Reports for dogs. I don't suscribe to it and I'm not telling anyone to, but I do believe it is the best source available on pet foods.

I currently feed Innova Evo to my cat.
Feel free to make this thread a picture thread if you want to show us your pets.

04-03-2007, 07:44 PM
Well I got my hands on the journal with all the good and bad pet foods in it. I scanned the whole thing into a pdf so anyone can download it here:
http://www.gkjapan.com/gallery/misc.php?do=downloadfile&i=1832 (http://www.gkjapan.com/gallery/misc.php?do=downloadfile&i=1832)

The list is the same for cats too remember.;)

Last months pet food scandal with the big companies was long in the making.. I hope none of your pet's food is on the list of recalled food or in the bad list in the pdf above for your pets sake! :(

The lists of brand names owned by Menu Foods that was recalled for having rat poison in it among other things :dry:
Deadly Cat food: http://www.menufoods.com/recall/product_cat.html
Deadly Dog food: http://www.menufoods.com/recall/product_dog.html

"In addition, Nestlé Purina PetCare Company has recalled a batch containing all sizes and varieties of its Alpo Prime Cuts in Gravy wet dog food"

The ABC News article on it: http://abcnews.go.com/US/story?id=2975912

This doesn't make you trust the huge advertising machines that scam millions of people to buy bad food for their pets now does it? :takeit:

Spend an extra buck and stick to the recommended list, you'll have a happier longer living pet. :D

If your ever interested, the book Food Pets Die For was a shocking and gross incite into what the big pet food companies put into their food.

04-04-2007, 11:09 AM
Very Informative Doc. Thank you!