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04-15-2007, 10:32 PM
The NavBar is the row of buttons at the top of the forum right under the header/banner.
These are links that make moving around the forum and accessing different features easier.
I will try and explain what each one does for all of our new users and some of our older users might find a thing or two they didn't know.;)

Starting left to right.

This button will bring you back to the main forum page no matter where you are. You can also click on the top banner to do this.

This brings you to GKJ's gallery. The gallery is free for anyone to view and any Member can start their own user gallery there to store photos online. This makes it a lot easier to post photos or pictures in threads.

GKJ has a very nice built in chat room. This drop down menu button gives you the option of having a chat room window pop-up or embed into a forum page.
The chat room is auto loading so that all members can access it right away without need to enter a user name or password. The number of users chatting in the room is displayed on the forum in the upper right hand corner under your user name.

This is your user control panel. From here you can access features available to you as a member. You can change your settings and options such as your signature, avatar or password. You can access your private messages (you can also access private messages by clicking the link right under your user name).
There is also options to make a buddy list or subscribe to threads so that you can get an email each time a particular thread receives a new post.

Quicklinks is a drop down menu containing various commonly used features.
The feature contained in here are:
Todays Posts This will show a list of all of the posts made today.
Mark Forums Read This will tell the forum that you have read all of the updated postings. Any new posting will be highlighted after this.
Open Buddy List If you made a list of your friends on the forum this will access it.

There are also quicklinks to control panel such as editing you signature, profile or options.
You can also access your private messages, subscribe to threads, view your profile or see where people are in the forum.

This will bring you to a list of all of the members of GKJ. It's a quick way of getting to view members avatars or profiles. You can also private message people from their profile if you forgot how to spell their username.

This will bring you to GKJ's calendar containing any important date to us or the hobby. It also shows members birthdays if they have it listed in their profile.

This is an important feature in the forum. From this drop down menu you can search for topics or words used in any thread on the forum. This is an easy way to find information that may be hidden in older posts.
From here there are also two neat features.
New Posts This will show you a list of any threads containing new posts since you last visit.
Todays Posts This will show you a list of any threads that have been updated today.

Frequently Asked Question. This link contain two things. First it covers basic questions about using a vBulletin style forum but most importantly this is were you will find GKJ's Forum Policy. These are all of the rules every member should be familiar with in order to properly use the forum!

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