View Full Version : Kichijoji Anime Wonderland Report

10-08-2007, 07:55 PM
Hi All.

Part 1 of the Kichijoji Anime Wonderland is finished, Part 2 is next weekend.
This is a fairly recent anime event in the area, one of 2 a year.
2nd is part of the Tokyo Anime Fair.

So what it is?
It is a series of events held over a 3 day weekend and the following weekend.

Events include:
Guided tours to Anime spots in the area.
Guided tour to Gibhli Museum.
Guided tour to Studio 4°C
Outdoor life performances.
Art exhibitions.
Cosplay parade.
Gunpla Make&Take(sponsored and run by Be-J/Wave).
Anime Movie showings.

The tours are open to foreigners too and can be booked via H.I.S.(limited number of participants.

This Year me and my son attended the Gun-Pla event, you need to enter a lottery and be chosen to participate.

Event was well organised with 2 kits to choose from and the top-modeler from Be-J running the lectures. In the background on a big screen they ran episodes of "プラモつくろう".

Great fun was had by all, and my son got a re-newed interest in modeling.
Of course we visited BE-J after the event.

Finally, link to official site(Japanese) with some pics of previous events.