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03-20-2008, 12:19 PM
browsing some of the models released at WF´08, and seeing some of the projects lately here at GKJ, I've come to a conclusion:

"I like 'em BIG" !!! :D

and before some of you labels me as a pervert, I better underline, that I'm refering to the scale ... not chestsize :p

Lately, the kits that keeps reappearing in my obscure mind, are BOMEs 1/4 Kanu, some of BOMEs other works and the 1/4 Yoko by Pearl Project...

As a complete GK figure newbie, I thought I'd better ask for info on availability of some of these kits, before I post a request for them, in the "Wanted" section.


If I understand the (poor) Google-translation of this news, there is a chance, that the Yoko kit will be available again at the WHF on May 5th.


Can anyone confirm og deny that?

Does anyone know, if there's a chance that this kit will be available again, e.g. at WHF ??

03-20-2008, 01:08 PM
While I agree that bigger kits tend to lose out on detail in favor of size, I prefer my kits to be 1/6 and bigger (30cm+ standing) too.

I'm not sure if PEARL's going to re-release the Yoko kit. He said he's attending the WHF on May 5th, and that he's got a new kit lined up - but there's nothing on Yoko from the main page.

My opinion is that it's not highly likely.

Reason? Yoko was at the summer WF2007, so she's been around for awhile already.

As for the Bome Kanu, I doubt it as well. Bome has made a lot of kits over the years; and from what I've seen, he doesn't tend to re-release his kits (I mean why would he? He's got an interchangeable body sculpted already - all he has to do is resculpt a new head, fix up the body a bit, and he's got himself a brand new kit).

Hell, I was desperately hoping he'd re-release the Kanu kit from summer WF2007 (The one with Kanu in her school uniform; version 1 so to speak) - and boom, he goes ahead and makes version 2.

03-20-2008, 11:22 PM
The Pearl site said "in addition to... a new sculpt" so its hard to say anything definite at this time. The Yoko had orders taken at the December WHF which still haven't been filled yet, so the production is still rolling.

Bome - you just never know. Since he didn't sell out of everything at the last WF, I'm pretty sure they will bring back the leftovers plus anything new. That, and the majority of the sculpts will never get built and just get recycled endlessly on YJA :rolleyes: I can't imagine someone getting that big package and not ripping it open and fondling the parts lol.

The completed coldcast statues and pvc prepaints have really had an impact on auction prices and the speculators can't get near what they were getting before. It makes more sense for them to flip a few 12,000 yen kits versus trying to get rid of one 28,000 ~ 30,000 yen Bome fig. It seems to be easier to score one or two large scale figures versus trying to get the "hot" 1/6 or 1/5 scale kit de jour.

04-04-2008, 08:30 AM
such a shame too i was hopping to see some oversized nippage lol

BTW anyone know a good place to get kits with mars sized mammories?