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12-17-2008, 10:10 PM
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I bought this off of a now non-existant website for about $8. When I got her, I looked in the box, laughed and put her away. That was about a year ago. Today I got the gall up to finally drag her out and start the horrendous project that is her build. I also just now noticed that she does not have her two long, slender ribbons for the back of her skirt...

Just to let you see exactly HOW horrid she is, take a look at these...


































































As you can see, I've got some serious work cut out for me. She's rittled with pinholes, oversanding, has mis-shapen odangos, seamlines and all-around terrible casting. If you notice the head, it's off-center; the back and front don't meet the way they should. I'll have to see what I can do with it when I reach that bridge. I have several kits...so it's kind of strange that I'd start with such a disaster. I really like a challenge ^_^ This will only be my second kit built, being my first time really "working" on a kit in such a thorough manner. I want to show what I can do. Not to mention, this is my only kit in this kind of condition, all the others are gorgeous.

So here begins my WIP thread ^__^

UPDATE Dec17th - 2:37am

I worked on the skirt for about an hour with a dremel, but I had to quit because it hit midnight and I don't want my neighbor upstairs to throw a fit >_>;; My dremel is pretty loud.

I basically used one of those gritty coated needle-like bits and got rid of a lot of the flash from the skirt. I also drilled out the "thickness" from the end of the skirt. It's pretty rough right now, and I only need to touch up two spots with the dremel tomorrow during normal hours...and I'm working on sanding it right now. It's just a pain because it's soooooo tiny and it has lots of tiny nooks.

So, to not tire myself out on the skirt, I started cleanup on the other parts. I skipped bathing her, since she'll require so much prep work and sanding, that I'd rather get all her prep work done, and bathe her before puttying holes and pinning. The skirt looks a lot better now, I'll post some pictures once I get it tweaked a bit more after I can use my drill again. ^_^

And come on, be a little optimistic guys. If I wasn't serious about working her til the end, I wouldn't have made the thread.

...nor my new lightbox so I could take decent pictures of the mess that is this kit ^_^

EDIT: Ahh, I decided to go ahead and post some pictures of the skirt thus far.







The skirt is still no where near complete, as I'm just getting the basic rough sanding done right now. The resin in the back of the skirt was really thinly cast, and when I was removing some up the gunked up chunks of resin from the edges, it drilled through, but that's no big deal. They will be nice and crisp later ^__^ I will be puttying this later to fix the holes and the missing skirt edges. The underside and bottom layers still look pretty rough because I haven't used any sandpaper on them yet, that's still fresh from the dremel. I also haven't worked on the "joint" part of the waist yet, short of removing a little flash. I'll update again later once I make some more progress.

12-18-2008, 03:16 AM
looks like it wos re cast from a mold is dead for some time ... good luck .. i don't think i will even think of fixing that. if it me 1 probely get a can of mori mori and build a new one my self .

12-18-2008, 03:35 AM
wow.... ::yikes
Taken the energy this project will crave, I'd toss her out the window and attack one of the grail kits and spend all those hours, putty packages and what-not on that instead... :blink:
Then again .. it will be a challenge to complete .... ::thumb

12-18-2008, 03:50 AM
if you have a vacum tank you may even want to re cast the wings .. with clear resin ... after you patch it up .......

12-18-2008, 03:51 AM
I don't have any grail kits unfortunately. All of the other kits I have are cast really well, so this is really the only opportunity I have to work on a disaster like this ^__^ And I don't get kits all that often, so I'm trying to keep myself busy.

I've got the skirt completely sanded, except for after puttying. So now I've moved onto the arms. Around the wrist is where a red stripe will go, but the area is raised, so it makes her wrist look fat and it distorts the entire look of her arm. I'm sanding off the raised area and reshaping the wrist and where it merges into the forearm area.

I got an aluminum pole to replace the long part of her staff, some masking fluid and 2 sets of Jaquard Pearl EX pigments <3

Unfortunately I don't have a vacuum chamber, though they do have some clear resin at the hobby store...but I wouldn't dare try to recast them unless I had a vacuum chamber. I've already got something in mind for the wings...I'm going to see if I can patch up the tiny pin holes in the wings with some clear glue I have. I'm going to lightly wet sand them and shade them with an irridescent, slightly transparet white, while letting it fade back to the regular clear toward the tips. Kind of going for a frosted look with faded clear tips.

12-18-2008, 05:56 AM
I've seen worse... :dry:

That said, one strong word of advice - make sure you use your respirator at all times (ALL TIMES) while working on the parts. And make sure you have a good one too - chemical filtration and gas/vapor filtration. If it is a Thai knockoff, then it is probably cast in cheap polyester resin. If by chance there is some uncured catalyst in one of the parts, and there is a really good chance of it (trust me), one drop of the MEK fluid can cause permanent brain damage.

From OSHA - "Methyl ethyl ketone peroxide is used as the catalyst to harden the polyester resin. MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) is an extremely dangerous solvent. It is a very volatile liquid that quickly fills the air with toxic fumes that can cause permanent damage to the central nervous system. The new limit for vapor exposure is 50 parts per million during an eight-hour day. Upon contact with the skin, the skin might be irritated. Inhalation can have a narcotic effect. Inhalation may cause irritation to the upper respiratory tract and central nervous system. Symptoms: dizziness, drowsiness, loss of coordination, headaches, feeling weak, nausea and vomiting. In poorly ventilated areas or confined spaces, unconsciousness and asphyxiation may result."

Also, the polyester resin almost always has a filler... usually some kind of fibers or powder (the glass fibers becoming what we call fiberglass) and I have seen and heard of some unimaginable stuff being put in the mix. Do not breath in the dust!

It's cool that you are taking the challenge, but please make sure you keep yourself safe. $8 isn't worth dying for.:sweat:

12-20-2008, 10:04 PM
I was going to convert her to Sailor Cosmos...but idk if I wanna do that now or not.







...I was going to make a poll but I don't see how to do that here o_O

12-21-2008, 01:07 AM
You mean a poll like this? :rolleyes:

Look under "Thread Tools" at the top of the page if you ever want to add one to a thread ;)

12-21-2008, 03:24 PM
Oh! I looked there but it wasn't an option o_O

12-21-2008, 06:58 PM
Oh! I looked there but it wasn't an option o_O

Sorry, my bad... it appears to be an option when you start a thread :doh:

Let me know if you need to change anything :)

12-21-2008, 11:32 PM
Nope, everything's good ^___^ Just need votes now. I refuse to do anything to her until I get at least 10 votes u__u

Over at E I'm only up to like 6 votes lol

12-22-2008, 04:40 PM

0 Cosmos - 2 ESM

4 Cosmos - 1 ESM

13 Cosmos - 3 ESM

GK Corner
2 Cosmos - 0 ESM

Cosmos 19
Eternal 6

Thanks for all your help guys ^___^ Cosmos won by a landslide and I will begin her conversion as soon as I am able, being that it's Christmas time.

Stay tuned ^__^

12-26-2008, 11:33 PM
Got a little work done on her feet today.

Leveled out the sole of the shoe and evened up the heels' sizes. I also made more of a curve on the sloped underside of the shoe, makes it look less "stiff". A problem I had with this was that the feet were way too long. I took a metal file and shortened her feet to a more correctly proportionate level, then rounded them up a little only leaving a small upturn to the nose of her shoe so it has some shape.

Since I'm converting her to the first Cosmos picture posted (sans the cape), I will have to take a notch out of her knee section, where her legs are suppose to meet to give her the "crossed feet" pose. I'll also need to fill in the original notch in the thighs, the etched rim of her boots and make an edge for her high heels. By changing her footing positions, this will change the angle of her hips too, so I get to widen them a tiny bit like I wanted, I'll also thicken the top of her thighs a little more, as they look very pencil thin up there.

I'm waiting for my epoxy putty that I ordered before X-Mas so I can make her skirt and fill in the large gaps on her fitting. I also have to get some of the saw attachments for my exacto knife, I don't want to take the dremel's cutting wheel to her since I can't adjust it's speed. So, I really can't get a whole lot of work done until I can at least get the saws.

Here are some before and afters so you can see what I did.



More soon ^__^

12-28-2008, 11:56 PM
Picked up my saws and some nice masking tape handy for curves. I got the large orb for her staff, but couldn't find any beads to use for the other tiny orbs on the staff. I'll keep looking to see if I can find some clear ones to paint clear yellow and the such. If I can't find any, I may have to cast some with clear resin, though I don't want to. I also tried to find the split marble halves to use for her brooch and belt, but they were waaaay too big. No pictures worth taking at the moment. Just sawing/sanding down the orb-like shoulders and the roll things at the ends of her gloves. Takes a bit of time, I'll update some pictures when I get this stuff sawed down.

12-30-2008, 12:43 AM
Making decent progress. I got both arms free of any sleeves, so the top parts of her arms look like sticks, but I'll fix that later. I scraped and sanded off the stripes from her collar/cape thing and sanded down some of the scribe lines for the V shaped colors that would go on esm's "belt". Sanded the crescent moon from her forehead and wrists, also evened out the neck by sanding off the overhanging piece of resin. Sanded off her necklace and earrings, and beginning to reshape the back of her head so it's not off-center any more. I also scraped away some flash that was on her face, along her nose and near her eye and hairline.

I believe I figured out a good way to get the clear orbs I need, by using clear liquid fimo. You have to bake it and everything, but I found a tutorial of someone using it to make charms for necklaces. They put small flowers and other things inside the liquid while it baked so it was encased in it when it was cured. I'm going to see if I can find some at Hobby Lobby since they carry the regular fimo clay. We'll see how things go.

Even though they don't really show much, here are some progress pics.















12-31-2008, 10:10 PM
I got a good bit of progress done on the head. I rounded her nose a little, it was a bit pointy. I also cleaned a lot of the flash from between her hair layers and face, evened out the back of her head a bit and leveled her ears.

While looking at her head, face-forward, I thought it looked funny. After a minute, I noticed her ears were too long, or too far down the side of her face. I shortened them up a lot, her left ear, being the right one if you face her, is nearly perfect but the other ear is a bit of a problem. The problem was the right side of her face, left if you face her. The edge of her face was too far from the edge of the eye. I had to saw off part of the side of her face to even it out, so now the ear on that side looks like it's set way off to the side. I'm still in the process of evening it out to match the other, no doubt I will have to putty it a little to match it.

Here are some progress images ^___^


Here you can see by looking at the small, triangular part of her ear lobe, that it is very unlevel from the side of her face. This is where the side of her face was before I sawed it back to match.

Another example of where the side of the face existed before I evened it out.

The red lines show where I will saw off that section of her bangs, in order to make the curled ones like Cosmos has.




The shaded red areas show what I will have to remove, the red area outlined past the edge of the head is where I will have to add putty to build up that side of her head to make it symmetrical.

More evenly matched ears. Now she doesn't have monkey ears ^__^


This is the ear I am still working on, as well as the side of the face that had to be sawed back to be even.

More soon ^___^

01-03-2009, 02:43 PM
Got the parts I am using bathed overnight in Simple Green. I scrubbed them down and cleaned them off. I will not be using the original odangos, as Cosmos' are longer and wavier than ESMs as well as having lots of fine pieces freely moving. I will be making my own from scratch using images and my Black Lady kit as references. I got my epoxy putty, but I am reluctant to hand-make the skirt. I may try to make it with fimo or another baking clay first, since the Tamiya Epoxy isn't a lot and it's a little expensive compared to the oven bake clay.

I'll figure out what I'll be doing and post some more updates later.

EDIT: I've decided to use one of my baking clays to make the skirt first and I will try to cast it later in resin. Seems like the most effective way to me. May see if I can use the oven baked clay straight from the oven, but I haven't used it before, so we'll see.

01-05-2009, 09:32 PM

So with my decision to convert ESM into Sailor Cosmos, I have a bit of dismemberment to do to her so I can reposition her joints. In the original model, the left arm is locked, held outward. In the Cosmos pic, her arm is by her side, pulling her cape. Since my kit will have wings instead of a cape, I am modding her arm to just fall naturally by her side. Thus, I had to cut off her hand. I got to use epoxy glue today, very neat stuff. I feel like the joints will be much better held together with this than super glue (CA glue). Now I also had to cut off her right leg below the knee. In the Cosmos picture, she has a very “crossed-legs” stance, like she was crossing her legs like a model as she walked. So by using myself as a model, I noted the back leg would need to be bent at the knees slightly; the foot may also need to be changed so the front of her foot touches the floor flat, otherwise it might look stiff. I have pinned the arm and the lower part of her leg, after they set, I will be able to attach the other have of her limb back to it. Once the glue on that end has set, I’ll be able to putty up the gap and make her joint like new and onlookers will be non-the-wiser ^__^



I also threw away my mighty putty; I thought that crap was going to kill me…and I was wearing a mask. I’ve decided to try out my Marblex self-hardening clay and my oven-bake Fimo. Now I can see a few problems…the Marblex will be a little hard to work with and will probably be hard to sand and get a smooth surface on; the Fimo on the other hand, will be very easy to shape and work with. Depending on the outcome, I will use it as the skirt. Unfortunately, with my repositioning of the knee joint, I may need to reposition her hip too, as to not have her leaning forward, so she will stand up-right. So, I will not be able to make the skirt appropriately until I have made sure the hips are where they need to be. I sanded down the shoulder tops so they’re about where they should sit and sanded a flat spot onto the joint side of the arms so I know how to position them later. Another thing about her legs…they will be touching at her knees rather than her upper thigh like the original kit had. So I will need to fill in the ridge they cut for her other thigh to rest, and make a new one at her knee; can’t really get this done til I get the hacked up leg reassembled.



So unless I manage to pull something else off today being high on the glue fumes…that will be all for the day ^____^

01-13-2009, 10:21 PM
Sorry I took a break from this, I had to ponder a bit as to exactly how I wanted to go about the skirt, making pleats isn't really all that easy. So I've gotten the base for the skirt completed and have bondo all over it. Unfortunately, some of it cured fully while I was working on it, and it became too hard for me to make the pleats with the exacto knife. I'll have to wait until tomorrow so I can use the dremel and some files to even it all out.

I noticed the bondo isn't wanting to stick to the baked fimo very well. I may try a tiny dab of epoxy glue to see if I can get the bondo parts to lay flush against the fimo, then once they skirt is fully done, cast it in resin.

I also applied putty to some of the grooves in her torso that were there for belt lines and the trim on her sailor collar. I've gotten all of that almost completed and wet-sanded, but one of her breasts was mishapen from oversanding prior to my getting her...I ended up not applying enough, so I'll have to put some more on later and even it all out.

01-17-2009, 02:59 PM
The base of the skirt has been sculpted. I tried the Marblex, but it wasn't happening with that stuff. Then I tried the Fimo, much easier to work with. I basically pressed the Fimo up into the original Eternal Sailor Moon skirt, so it would have the basic shape. I then touched it up with some more Fimo around the edges. Baked it and waited 24 hours before I carved on it. I got it sanded and carved down to a skirt that is nearly form-fitting.

Next up is using epoxy putty to form the pleats around the skirt. If the epoxy putty doesn't seem like it will stick well or the Fimo feels too weak, I'll have to postpone this WIP until I can get some silicon and resin to make a mold and cast the skirt. We'll see how it goes tomorrow.

Sorry I took a break from this, I had to ponder a bit as to exactly how I wanted to go about the skirt, making pleats isn't really all that easy. So I've gotten the base for the skirt completed and have bondo all over it. Unfortunately, some of it cured fully while I was working on it, and it became too hard for me to make the pleats with the exacto knife. I'll have to wait until tomorrow so I can use the dremel and some files to even it all out.

I noticed the bondo isn't wanting to stick to the baked fimo very well. I may try a tiny dab of epoxy glue to see if I can get the bondo parts to lay flush against the fimo, then once they skirt is fully done, cast it in resin.

I also applied putty to some of the grooves in her torso that were there for belt lines and the trim on her sailor collar. I've gotten all of that almost completed and wet-sanded, but one of her breasts was mishapen from oversanding prior to my getting her...I ended up not applying enough, so I'll have to put some more on later and even it all out.

Bad news, my dremel is sputtering and pausing so I think the motor is going out. Looks like I'm hand-sanding the skirt.

When I opened the box yesterday, I discovered one of the feathers had broken off one of the wings, so it looks like I will have to recast them. Oh well.


Here, you can see that I've re-attached the hand to her left arm and positioned it, as well as having cut her foot apart where it bends. It looked very unnatural just being straight, and bending it solved the problem. I haven't attached the thigh to that part of the leg yet since I had to also reposition the angel of her thighs from her hips, so I am waiting until the epoxy glue sets and I can position the hips correctly.

The skirt looks really rough so far, as I've only just rough-sanded it. One of the pleats came off, as the putty doesn't like sticking to the fimo. I used epoxy glue to put it back on the skirt, not sure if it will stick yet but I will find out today. I will be lengthening the skirt a little bit, it's a tad short right now.









I will be attaching the skirt to the torso part after the skirt is completed, so it will be one piece. More to come soon ^___^

01-21-2009, 07:49 PM
waiting patiently for more.......:jump::hubba::jump:

01-24-2009, 07:50 PM
Sorry for the lack of updates. My dremel isn't working but I'm still getting work done on the kit. I didn't want to update with some minuscule amount of puttying, but it's about time for an update.

After positioning the legs together to mimic the Cosmos pose, I decided to saw off the leg from her pelvic area and to also saw the leg at the knee and ankle. This way, I will be able to pin them and twist them at the angle I need them to get her in that pose. Going to try to use the dremel today to drill some pin holes.

I've also been wet sanding the parts to find any little imperfections I might need to fill in with putty. I've also reshaped her left breast, as it was malformed from over sanding prior to my purchase of the kit. I've also been working on adjusting the seams on her head and building up the shallow side, where her head should have been, and sculpting a new edge for her ears. I managed to sculpt some finger for her too by laying putty across her existing fingers with a toothpick. I covered over her knuckles since they were kind of flat, so I could build them back up. Also built up her right forearm since it was flat.

Sorry about the bad picture quality, we disassembled my light box to make room in the living room to use the fireplace since it's frigid out.

Puttied pinholes on the head. Also, the front two bangs have been cut so I can create the curled ones Cosmos has.

Added putty to the back of the head to build up the shallow area. Waiting until I get the head evened out before I fix the neck.

Puttied the hole in the ear lobe, also remade the tiny triangle shaped piece of her ear. Haven't sanded this to shape really yet.

Comparing the size of the reshaped breast to the correctly casted one. I haven't finely sanded this yet.




Newly dismembered leg. No pinholes yet, but I'll try to use my drill today without putting a hole in my hand.

The original leg I sawed apart. I repositioned her knee and part of her foot. The long groove in her thigh is where the other thigh pressed against it. Since I'm changing her pose, her legs will touch at the knee, so I will have to fill in that gap and carve a new one out of the knee joint once I putty it's gap. The small piece is the pelvic area that was attached to the leg. It had to be sawed off so I could change the angle of her legs.




Lots of puttying of pinholes ^___^

Aerial shot of the forearm I had to build up because it was flat.

Created fingers lol. I still have to put putty on the pinky and reshape it. This is just the rough carved version. I haven't built up the palm of her hand yet, so it looks thin right now. I also have not created the knuckles yet since I haven't puttied her pinky finger yet.





The other arm. This is the one I cut at the wrist to reposition her hand. The joint broke after pinning and puttying, so I had just repaired it before this was taken. Showing the reshaped fingers, still incomplete and not fine sanded.

I'll be adding a little tip to her thumb, it was a little short and stubby.

I haven't worked on the skirt really. The SAME pleat that fell off before came off again, so I reattached it with different glue. I have only really used a higher grit sandpaper to smooth it out a bit so I can check for other areas I need to putty. I have also carved out the inside of the skirt.




Hollowed inside of skirt.

More to come soon ^______^

05-24-2010, 02:40 PM
Any news?

02-20-2011, 10:06 AM
it is awesome don't give up!

I give you MAJOR Kudos for doing this.

I have had nightmare casts from eBay that were hard to do to. and the resin smells so bad too.

What can use that is less stinky for bonds is Magic Sculpt

Look forward to more:)

11-15-2011, 05:41 PM
Oh my. I totally forgot this was posted here XD XD XD I'm working on a commission right now and a contest entry. Once the contest entry is done, I can devote more time to the commission and to finishing this one up.

I already have some magic sculp, but I haven't used any on her yet. I'm actually thinking about nixing the wings and going witht he cape instead, since that's the "official" way Naoko has been drawing Cosmos. Plus, I have some nifty wire-mesh I can use for the cape ^___^ I'll update this in a few months when I get started on her again.