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That's great, any painting you can do will improve you skills, and miniatures will definitely improve your co-ordination - I wasn't recommending you to buy Warhammer figures btw =p
At the other comment - You completely threw me for a moment there - If it was for the obitsu doll thing, I haven't ordered one yet. If you wanted to try it out, all they are basically
is a special kind of paper, that is soaked in a liquid, then carefully moved into position - you could probably do the same thing with reg. printer paper. would be hard to move into position, but soak it in water an place lol
If it was about making a base for the head, then sculpting the head on the base - My first attempt was foolish, and wasted a 50c piece lol - I made a cylinder/cone shape, when I should have kept it simpler, and made a ball with a thin arm from it into the base. The heads I've made so far look nice, but it looks like they are outstretching their necks. When I take it off - fridge for 30 - 40 min - slice down the back of the head - pull off - fill cavity with tin foil. make it easy, and saves me some clay, from excessive sculpting

Oh, really? Sounds almost like paper mache' -- I can get the Sunday newspaper for that! lol! I did try doing that once but couldn't seem to make it how I wanted it to be.

No, I thought you meant using Sculpey-- sculpting, baking, then sculpting and baking some more with Sculpey- if there is a way to do that I'm all ears! Especially without burning the hell out of your figure! lol!

I'm trying to keep open to different ideas though.

I thought someone on here said something on a thread about people making stuff out of bondo! Go figure! lol!

But yeah, those aren't Warhammer figures I have- I have this set of figures I bought about 8 years ago, some trendy game that came out and lasted about a year in many of the popular stores. They had "discs" they stood on, and it was like combining Warhammer with Magic the Gathering or something. I'll have to shoot pictures of them. Even Marvel Comics got into the game with similar figures of their super heroes - and of course the really good figures were hard to get and expensive if you did find them because the collectors hoarded them! lol!

But yeah, the set I have gives me about 20 or so victims... err... I mean figures to practice on! (Mwuu! ahh! aahhh! aaaah!). I'll have to look up and see what those figures are called. They do have crappy paint jobs so maybe I can try to "improve" them? I may even try to paint blood on some of them to make them look battle-scarred! Or paint blood on the weapons or something so they look like they've been really fighting. I've always been facinated by miniatures and models so this is cool. Who knows, if I get good enough I may buy some of the REAL Warhammer figures I like and have a go at them also. :-)

Anyways... yeah, I like the pointers, going to mess around with some things. :-)

Well, gotta go for now! :-)